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car windscreen

Car front windshield

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HUD head up display glass


By projecting information such as navigation, maps and vehicle conditions onto the windshield, drivers can see the information such as navigation, maps and vehicle conditions without having to look down. The driver can focus more on observing the road and react more quickly to unexpected situations and improve the safety of driving.
Theory:Laminate wedge-shaped PVB between two layers of glass , so that the image reflected on the inner and outer surfaces of the glass overlaps into an image to eliminating the ghosting.


Acoustic Glass


Adding high damping sound insulation material to PVB,effectively reduce engine noises, wind noises,rain noises,road noise(2~10 dB improvement at all frequency range).


Integrated Antenna glass


Print the silver paste on glass or arrange the tungsten wires on the PVB film as an antenna pattern to replace the external antenna and looks better matching with the streamline body of the car; High Signal Reception Sensitivity; Antenna Design Pattern Variety; not affected by the Environment, longer life; can receive FM / AM / TV / GPS and other signals


Heat Wired Windscreen


Arrange the extremely thin tungsten wires on the PVB film as an heating pattern between two layers of glass. Eliminate frost, fog, snow, ice quickly, Improve visibility to ensure safe driving; Or heat some local areas like wiper, rain sensor, camera area .


Enhanced solar control Glass


Mix the IR CUT particle inside the PVB film , Shield uncomfortable infrared ray effectively, Reduce thermal skin sensation. Improve the comfortable of driver and passengers. Confirmed about 3% less fuel consumption, in case of Light vehicle under air-conditioning in traffic jam. To save energy and reduce consumption.


Combine the ADAS Components


Assemble the multi-functional bracket on the windscreen glass, which is used to install driving cameras and sensors to realize intelligent driving functions such as automatic induction wiper, night vision, ACC,LDW, City emergency braking system, intelligent headlamp control etc.