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car windscreen

Rear windshield

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Can be heated


The hot wire pattern is printed on the inner surface of the glass with silver paste, Fast removal of Frost, fog, snow, ice when power on, improve visibility, to ensure safe driving;


Dimming Glass


1.Integrate the PDLC or EC film in the glass , Intelligent adjust glass transmittance, enhance user experience; effectively improve privacy performance, to ensure personal privacy
2.When the dimming glass is powered on, the liquid crystal molecules in the dimming glass will present irregular dispersion state, making the light unable to enter, and making the electric control glass appear opaque


Acoustic Glass


Adding high damping sound insulation material to PVB,effectively reduce engine noises, wind noises,rain noises,road noise(2~10 dB improvement at all frequency range).


Integrated Antenna glass


Print the silver paste on glass or arrange the tungsten wires on the PVB film as an antenna pattern to replace the external antenna and looks better matching with the streamline body of the car; High Signal Reception Sensitivity; Antenna Design Pattern Variety; not affected by the Environment, longer life; can receive FM / AM / TV / GPS and other signals