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car windscreen

Modular glass

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Encapsulated Glass Assembly


1.improve the glass strength, improve the glass sealing, reduce noise
2.More able to meet the designer's aesthetic needs for the glass sealing strip (with a higher degree of freedom design), and better integrated with the car body (with a better dimensional fit)
3.The window glass with guide rail can realize the lifting and guiding of the door glass. The integrated structure of guide rail and glass can simplify the general assembly process of the car
4.Fast and accurate positioning to improve loading efficiencyy products


Sliding Window Assembly


One or more small window assembly is integrated with fixed window after assembly to realize the function of opening and closing when the small window moves on the guide rail of fixed window


Quarter window glass with colourful finisher


Integrate various colors of finisher ( bright silver, highlight black , red, yellow etc) on encapsulation side window glass, the appearance is more personalized and beautiful,more attractive to young people.