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Rail transit glass
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Shanxi lihu group qingyao technology glass co., LTD. Production of rail transit safety glass including the front windshield, cabin side Windows, cabin escape glass, luggage rack and other interior glass.

Front windshield

The front windshield for rail transit produced by our company meets the requirements of TB / T1451, GJB 2464A, GJB 961 and other optical, mechanical and environmental standards and foreign standards. The company adopts advanced technology, equipment and technology, follows lightweight design and guarantees that the glass can withstand 1000g aluminum bombs in the impact resistance test. Based on the maximum speed design, the impact speed is increased by 160km / h, and the glass is not penetrated. The windshield uses a resistance wire inlay film process, which can perform defrosting, defogging and electric heating functions.

Side window and escape window

The passenger side window glass and escape glass are made of high-quality float glass and coated glass, and the hollow layer is filled with argon gas. The glass has good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, which can meet the requirements of GB 18045 standard, and meet the shielding attenuation of wireless signals not exceeding 6dB performance requirements. The escape glass adopts advanced technology design, which can meet the rapid escape of broken glass within 45 seconds.