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Dimming Glass


1.Integrate the PDLC or EC film in the glass , Intelligent adjust glass transmittance, enhance user experience; effectively improve privacy performance, to ensure personal privacy
2.When the dimming glass is powered on, the liquid crystal molecules in the dimming glass will present irregular dispersion state, making the light unable to enter, and making the electric control glass appear opaque


Integrated Antenna glass


Print the silver paste on glass or arrange the tungsten wires on the PVB film as an antenna pattern to replace the external antenna and looks better matching with the streamline body of the car; High Signal Reception Sensitivity; Antenna Design Pattern Variety; not affected by the Environment, longer life; can receive FM / AM / TV / GPS and other signals


Solar energy


Solar skylight glass integrates solar panels on the glass, which can convert light energy into electrical energy and store it in the vehicle battery. In the hot weather in summer, when the car stops and stops under the hot sun, when there is no energy supply, it can automatically adjust the temperature in the car.


Starry sky atmosphere skylight


A very small LED light source is embedded on the PVB film of the laminated skylight glass. When the power is turned on, the LED lights up and reflects through the patterns printed on the glass. At night, it can show the effect of the starry sky and create a romantic and warm atmosphere. And in the product development stage, different graphics can be designed to improve the recognition of the product while improving the quality of the vehicle's interior and the comfort of the passengers in the vehicle.


Panoramic skylight


Compared with ordinary sunroofs, the panoramic sunroof has a larger area, and a large-area sunroof is arranged on the roof of the car, which can effectively increase the light in the car, the passengers have a wider view and better ventilation.
Panoramic sunroof is divided into openable and fixed type, and can integrate functions such as star roof, solar energy, heat insulation, etc.


Enhanced solar control Glass


Mix the IR CUT particle inside the PVB film , Shield uncomfortable infrared ray effectively, Reduce thermal skin sensation. Improve the comfortable of driver and passengers. Confirmed about 3% less fuel consumption, in case of Light vehicle under air-conditioning in traffic jam. To save energy and reduce consumption.